C-Logs is part of the Chaldean Estate, a 2,000 acre arable farm based in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire. As well as growing wheat, rapeseed and field beans, the Estate manages some 200 acres of woodland, much of which benefits from public access and some of which has been categorised as ‘ancient’. Two new areas of woodland comprising some 80 acres are to be planted in early Winter 2012 and have been designated ‘Diamond Woods’ as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration.

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The farm is managed within a consortium called Gilston Crop Management LLP which comprises the Chaldean Estate and two other local farms.

We are fully committed to operating in harmony with nature and are full participants in English Nature’s ‘Countryside Stewardship Scheme’ a scheme aimed at protecting and enhancing wildlife whilst producing crops for food.

C-Logs has been launched as part of our diversification programme and our on-going attempts to contribute towards the sustainability agenda.

Our trees are harvested solely to be processed into firewood logs for fuel. This is unlike many of our competitors who offer mainly ‘arboreal arisings’ i.e a mixture of hard and soft wood logs produced from a variety of trees after tree surgery. As a result, our logs – all from hard wood species – are processed specifically with firewood logs in mind. We can therefore offer a product of uniform size and with relatively uniform burn rates. The result for our customers is a steadier burn from a less lively fire!